Since the rise of technology use more people have turned to meditation to calm their rapid racing minds. The physical stability as a meditative practice is referred to by the Sanskrit name ‘kaya Sthairyam’ meaning body stillness that is ability to develop control in the physical body and mind. In the practice of Yoga, ‘kaya Kupa’- the base throat is focused on during meditation to control thirst and hunger. Meditating on the Kaya Kupu allows a yogi to develop ‘Sthairyam’ or Steadfastness. Slow down and Trust the Learning Process for True Knowledge is the Sutra visually represented here, to be patient with yourself and with others. It takes faith, strength and steadfastness to achieve higher levels of proficiency, refinement and understanding.

Mixed media on Arches (Acrylic, inks, watercolour). 299mm x 420mm in size.